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  • friendshipexes

Friendship With Exes – Pillowtok #55 (Re-Release)

Journey back in time to one of our earlier Pillowtok episodes–an oldie but a goodie, if we dare say. We pose the tricky question:  is true friendship with an ex possible? Maayan and Lauren […]

  • touchedbybell

Touched by Joshua Bell | Guess What

by Maayan

Emotionally, that is.

If you’ve been living under a rock (as…err…I had but a short year ago) you may not have heard of him. Here are some dirty basics to put you on the same […]

  • men-lazy-dads

Why Men Are Such “Lazy” Dads – Pillowtok #53

Most mothers of young children have some things in common: exhaustion, guilt, sacrifice, and periodical, all-consuming rage at their husbands. If not rage–then some serious resentments and complaints.  What the hell is going on […]

  • survivalmode

Surviving Survival Mode – Pillowtok #52

We’ve all been there. The deadline’s fast approaching. Someone’s expecting you to deliver. You’ve heard the dreaded words ‘we have to talk’…Whatever your triggers are, we’re pretty sure you’ve been in survival mode, just […]


Maayan had a major Pretty Woman moment the other day with some snooty consignment shop women. Behold, her wrathful #rant:

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Lauren likens forcing fake laughter to the Dementor’s kiss. Overdramatic? Maybe. Inaccurate? We say no:

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Friends, it’s time we all stop buying into this scam:

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This lady gets “complimented” by men on the street 108 times in a day. It’s received a lot of criticism about the racial prejudices in the men..

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Maayan went to a wig party (yep it’s a thing) and discovered this new Halloween-related beauty #Tip as a result:

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