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Surviving Survival Mode – Pillowtok #52

We’ve all been there. The deadline’s fast approaching. Someone’s expecting you to deliver. You’ve heard the dreaded words ‘we have to talk’…Whatever your triggers are, we’re pretty sure you’ve been in survival mode, just […]

  • cinderella

The Perils of People Pleasing- Pillowtok #50

WE’RE BACK!  It’s been a relaxing break, but we’re excited to delve back into our Pillowtok conversations…we hope you are too. This week is all about one of our biggest addictions–people-pleasing.  Maybe you’re familiar?  […]

  • porn

Porn – An Outdated Taboo Pillowtok #49


Porn is one of those topics that polite society shies away from. Yet society, when it’s not bothering to be polite, seems pretty darn into porn. That huge gap between what we do and […]

  • socialdetox

Social Media Detox- Challenge Accepted #28


Ashley and Lauren take on the impossible and give up social media for a week! As a result, Ashley turns to TMZ while Lauren plays words with friends…Hear the benefits, the downfalls, and everything […]


We ponder … How can two very different foods get along in a dish? Maayan plays matchmaker with mouthwatering results:

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Actor/film industry friends–how do you feel about these disparities? Do you think it’s cause for concern/action?

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Oh HAILZ no. Nope nope nope.

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We’ve got some side-eye for people who manage to send these things out all the time:

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We’re all just getting through the day trying to avoid death by tiger right? Oh–no? Sorry, we forgot that’s just how survival mode FEELS:

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