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Hormone Horrors – Pillowtok #60

HORMONES.  The word makes women nod their heads with grim understanding, and makes men run for cover. They’ve become synonymous with any kind of mood swings, anxiety, or rage that a women might experience–particularly […]

  • antiporn

Want Better Sex? STOP Watching Porn (no, really)- Pillowtok #58

Porn, and masturbating to it, is so widespread it’s considered basically  a harmless vice. Right?  Maybe not.  Maayan and Lauren had their assumptions checked by the lovely and insightful Jeff Finley–artist, entrepreneur, fellow podcaster–and […]

  • pets

Pets On A Pedestal – Pillowtok #57

Is there anything better than a purring cat curling up in your lap? Or a devoted dog flipping out with joy to see you walk in the door? Animals are awesome.  Or are they?  […]


What is a “female dish”? So glad you asked…Maayan and friend highlight the subtle sexism of haute cuisine:

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Walk down memory lane with us on this #Pillowtok classic… Tis the season to debate the death of masculinity!

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Oh lord this is funny. And here we were just thinking it was a no-nonsense list of what’s leaving Netflix this month…

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Want to reconnect with your spouse? Pick up a controller and go slay some demons:

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Okay so we’re a liiiitttle jealous we don’t show up in this list… Still. Gotta give props to our podcast brethren! What was YOUR favorite podcast..

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