Extreme Facials- Challenge Accepted #29

This week Ashley puts her holistic ways aside to try electrical facials while Aubrey, always the adventurous one gets a scalpel facial. In this challenge, Ashley’s explores her feelings on aging while Aubrey is looking for ways to achieve […]

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Porn – An Outdated Taboo Pillowtok #49


Porn is one of those topics that polite society shies away from. Yet society, when it’s not bothering to be polite, seems pretty darn into porn. That huge gap between what we do and […]

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Social Media Detox- Challenge Accepted #28


Ashley and Lauren take on the impossible and give up social media for a week! As a result, Ashley turns to TMZ while Lauren plays words with friends…Hear the benefits, the downfalls, and everything […]

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For Crying Out Loud – Pillowtok #48

There’s nothing quite like a good cry. As babies, we cried whenever we needed something–but as adults, most of us try to keep those tears bottled up no matter what. In this episode, Maayan and […]

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Catcall Like A Lady- Challenge Accepted #27

Women hate catcalling…generally. In this challenge Ashley and Maayan turn the tables and catcall but with a twist, they do it like ladies. Their mission, and challenge in this episode, is to make men […]


Lauren’s #Rant: “let me take a picture! Oh wait never mind…”

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Ashley’s #Rant: beware, Trader Joe’s employees!

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This might be the best news we’ve read all day. And yes…we will definitely be seeing the Hollywood film starring Channning Tatum and Natalie..

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All good things come to those who wait… Or maybe waiting just makes thing better? This writer makes a case for the argument:

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Lauren’s #Tip: put toddlers to work:

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