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  • Resolutions

Resolutions- Pillowtok #64

It’s that time once again–the time to make false promises to yourself about what […]

  • superstition

Superstitious?- Pillowtok #63

Merriam-Webster says superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the […]

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No career drive? No problem! Here’s the SWEET LIFE of NO ambition. The latest #pillowtok is up! Thanks for listening! Right here: http://gossipistmag.com/sweet-life-no-ambition-pillowtok-72/

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Jewelry that EVERYONE compliments you on? Yes please! Yasmeen is in LOVE with these JEWELS. And so are we. Here’s her rave…and how to get it!

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“Men. Get your shit together.” Harsh title but a great read.

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She ain’t pregnant anymore! But this was how Lauren felt. Any empathizing soon-to-be-mom’s or past moms?

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Maayan’s senses are all turned up to LOUD thanks to this one, simple, natural little greenery.

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